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Welcome To Yarmouk University

Yarmouk Private University (YPU) was established in 2005 to be one of the top universities in the nation and to serve as a pillar of higher education in our beloved country, Syria. It was officially licensed by presidential decree no. 262 in 2007. Having ensured its possession of the various aspects of accreditation, it was inaugurated by the Minister of Higher Education on 29/10/2008.

YPU has identified students’ academic and practical achievements as its top priority, providing them with the needed academic resources (distinguished professors, effective academic advising, advanced labs, etc.) and giving them the opportunities to engage in appropriate and rewarding student activities. It has also offered an array of quality services, hoping to nurture students’ learning and competence within an environment conducive to academic excellence.

Welcome to your university, where your diligence and commitment will enable you to excel.
With our best wishes for distinguished success.

 Latest News

Forum guidance and professional development for students of Informatics and Communications Engineering

نظّمت كلية هندسة المعلوماتية والاتصالات بالتعاون مع مركز التوجيه والتطوير المهني في جامعة اليرموك ال...

Forum guidance and professional development

أقامت كلية العلوم الإدارية والمالية بالتعاون مع مركز التوجيه والتطوير المهني في جامعة اليرموك الخاصة...

Graduation party

برعاية الأستاذ الدكتور محمد عامر مارديني وزير التعليم العالي جامعة اليرموك الخاصة تقيم حفل تخر...

YPU students took the first rank at ACM programming competition

طلبة كلية هندسة المعلوماتية والاتصالات في جامعة اليرموك الخاصة يفوزون بالترتيب الأول في مسابقة ا...